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Hard copy now on Amazon!

Hey readers!

If you are looking for a copy of the Hungry, Grumpy Frog that will last longer on the shelf- the hard copy is now available!

I love a hard copy book. It just looks so much nicer on the shelf, and it holds up (especially when it's a favorite). The hard copy is the same dimensions as the soft copy, but it comes at a higher cost for the increase in quality.

Right now it is available on Amazon. I do project to promote through Barnes and Nobles soon.

If you love this book, rate it! Ratings sell- and helps increase marketability in other stores as well- hey that rhymed ! In addition to Amazon, this book is distributed by Ingramspark to local shops who take interest. They also distribute worldwide! So if you are reading this from across the world- ❤️👋🏼hey !

Happy reading and let your imagination grow!

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