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The Hungry, Grumpy Frog Launches its way on Reedsy Discovery

So excited for the launch of The Hungry, Grumpy Frog TOMORROW starting @ 12:01 am PST! Any upvotes or comments would be greatly appreciated on Reedsy Discovery :) ( )

Remember! --------> If you have kindle Unlimited the book is free! Reading this right now? The ebook version is discounted on Amazon - SALE ENDS TONIGHT ! Want a book that will last on your kids bookshelf? Check out BARNES & NOBLES for a hard copy :)

So many options!

If you already purchased my book and have some thoughts to share, please let me know on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, Barnes&Nobles, or via my webpage :) I would love to hear your favorite part and if this book really resonated with your child!

Happy Reading and thank you for the support :)

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